Loggerhead Society


Any planned giving, which includes bequests, life-income arrangements and other deferred gifts.

Society Description

The Cape Eleuthera Foundation established the Loggerhead Society to recognize the generosity of participants in the Foundation’s Planned Giving Programs.  The Loggerhead Sea Turtle is one of the most well-known and respected members of the ocean.  They are often found on the shores surrounding Eleuthera and their presence is respected and honored. They are pillars of the aquatic community and are know for their long life span and global presence.  Just like Loggerheads commit to a long-term relationship with the ocean, members of the Loggerhead Society have committed to a long-term relationship with the Cape Eleuthera Foundation and its programs. Participation in any of the Cape Eleuthera Foundation’s Planned Giving Programs—including bequests, life-income arrangements, and other deferred gifts qualifies membership in The Loggerhead Society. Gifts of this nature will go support everything—from scholarships, to research, to faculty, to facilities. It is important to invest in the people, programs and place that make us successful. We want to honor and perpetuate this distinguished tradition of giving because gifts of this nature ensure a financial sustainability of our programs into the future.

How Do We Recognize Supporters

  • Published on our web site (optional)
  • Published in our Annual Report (optional)
  • Loggerhead Pin
  • Set of 6 Handmade Island School Wine Bottle Glasses

Chuck & Olga Paterakis, long time supporters of the Cape Eleuthera Foundation and parents of Kristin (F04), are the inaugural members of the Loggerhead Society.  The Paterakis Family has generously donated to a range of projects in the past, most notably donating the leading gift for the Paterakis Dining Center in 2008.  Chuck & Olga Paterakis are models for what the Loggerhead Society represents: a long-term relationship with Cape Eleuthera Foundation and its programs.