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Cape Eleuthera Foundation Announces Sharing Solutions Campaign!

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The programs supported by the Cape Eleuthera Foundation continue to provide transformational life-changing educational experiences. The foundation invests in future leaders through support of programming to help them realize their own potential, to gain perspective on cultures different than their own, and by creating a broader community that is supportive of that leadership development. As a natural outgrowth of this process, whereby students are learning to live on a green campus powered by renewable energy and that recycles its waste, and whereby students from Eleuthera are realizing opportunities on-and-off island as part of their middle school training, and whereby ongoing science research is attracting expertise, generating knowledge, and informing local decision makers we have been recognized as a model for sustainable development.

As Dr. David Orr said during his visit to Eleuthera in February 2003:

“…it strikes me that this place is a good bit about reinventing education. There is something new happening here. It’s happening again at the periphery. And education ought to enable us to get to the periphery so we can see the center more clearly. And there is long precedent for going out into the wilderness and seeing the world in a brand new kind of way…. A school can be a model of what we want to do in the world. It is at a scale small enough to get our mind around, big enough to be significant. It is exciting to see a school define itself, as you have here at The Island School as a catalyst for all kinds of exciting things.”

Kevin He, Island School Alumnus Su’13, Summer 2013 Quest Scholars NYC speaks about his experience at The Island School:

“To tell the truth, I didn’t know what to expect when I was on my flight there….Two days after I settled in, all of my worries were gone. The staff there are all extremely fun and interesting, they are always around whenever I needed anything. The students are also very cool; some of them were also on scholarships, while many others are from boarding and private schools, so interacting and hanging out with them was something new for me (I learned a lot from them). The classes there are just spectacular; there are seldom any classes that just happen inside a tiny rectangular classroom….During marine ecology week, we scuba dived 35 feet under water to observe patch reefs!! That was super fascinating and exciting, and that was definitely the most wide-awakened I have ever been during class. Once again, if it isn’t for you guys, I would have never even dare to dream about such a revolutionary and life changing experience. This opportunity is absolutely one of its kind.”

The Cape Eleuthera Foundation is a public non-profit charitable 501(c)3 corporation recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service. The Foundation has a Board of Directors and operates fully independently of other organizations in support of its mission: to provide charitable funding support for education, scientific research, community leadership, and sustainable technologies. We hope you will find a way to get involved and join us!